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About Us

Our mission

We strive to help businesses increase productivity by improving team collaboration and helping HR professionals create a people-first culture in today’s changing world of work.
The helloFriday team
FMG boardroom

Our Origins

Where it all began

Instigated by a media and tech company’s desire for a one-platform employee engagement and HR management solution that met their diverse needs, helloFriday was born.
Founded collaboratively in 2020 by the CEO, Finance Director and Head of People at FMG (Friday Media Group), helloFriday truly is an HR platform built for the employee, powered by the employee.

During the last 5 years, a combination of external shifts in technology, culture and the economy were starting to impact our ability to control internal operations and productivity within our business. Our existing service providers were not allowing us to effectively manage the impact these changes had on employee engagement, management and retention, but critically strategic alignment within our business.

Ensuring all our staff have a complete understanding of the goals and their individual and collective impact, as well as real time contribution to achieving associated objectives, is critical to success.

We needed a platform that wasn’t just built to service our core HR needs, but fused these functions with employee engagement to deliver greater organisational alignment for our business.

CEO Sam Kidger working from the company villa in Spain

We built helloFriday out of a burning need to solve a genuine problem that we were experiencing and that 10,000s of employers globally are experiencing due to a workplace that has changed more since 2020 than it had in decades prior.

Sam Kidger, CEO at FMG

The FMG Brighton team

About FMG

The driving force

The FMG Brighton team
With a diverse portfolio, FMG has over 40 years of experience connecting businesses and people through online marketplaces, recruitment platforms, and digital agency services. With this wealth of in-house knowledge and skill behind us, the helloFriday team set out to drive change.

Our leadership team

helloFriday CEO Hamid Shafi

Hamid Shafi

Founder and CEO

helloFriday Co-Founder Hannah Terrill

Hannah Terrill

Co-Founder & People Leader
Group CEO Sam Kidger

Sam Kidger

Group CEO