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Asset Management

Take control of your assets

helloFriday’s extensive asset management module allows you to view, organise and allocate your company assets in seconds.
Asset management feature
List of assets and their status

Asset History

All records, centralised

List of assets and their status
Whether it’s a car, device, or piece of office equipment, you can record all information about any asset in the Asset Library, including its value, date of purchase, and the employees it’s been used by. The system makes the transfer of asset knowledge quick and seamless.

Asset Allocation

Allocate and locate

Once an asset it logged in the database, its current allocation status can be recorded and managed. Any asset can be allocated to any employee in just a few clicks, making last-minute requests a breeze, and ensuring all assets can be tracked.
Warranty information

Warranty & Depreciation

Stay prepared

Warranty information
With the ability to record warranty periods and calculate value depreciation, the Asset Management module allows you to keep an eye on which assets have served your business well and may need to be repaired or retired soon. This acts as a valuable centralised source of information, designed to save you time and money whilst preventing hiccups with onboarding or asset replacement.

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