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Engagement & Communication

Connect and captivate

Remove the barriers to effortless employee engagement with helloFriday’s extensive range of communication features.
helloFriday social feed feature
Social feed

Social Homepage

Prioritise alignment and strengthen company culture

Social feed
Packed with all the features of a collaborative social platform, helloFriday’s intuitive homepage acts as your one-stop-shop for company news and updates. Announce events, share success stories, run polls, and create communities of like-minded colleagues, all from your own personal feed. Within the feed, daily team insights are available at a glance, allowing you to celebrate important dates and welcome new team members.


Celebrate success and increase retention

Employee recognition
Creating a culture of recognition has never been easier; the recognition tab on your social homepage allows the entire workforce to congratulate and celebrate each other’s achievements both publicly and privately, with a selection of trophies that can be tailored to your company values.
Employee recognition
Central Chat feature

Central Chat

Streamline your communications with built-in chat

Central Chat feature
Everything you’d expect from a workplace chat system, within your people platform. Create channels, engage on threads and share files, all from one central location, eliminating common breakdowns in communication.

Let the conversation continue

All core communication features are available from within the helloFriday app, giving your employees the real social experience.
helloFriday mobile app screens
Survey dashboard


Real employee insights, gathered with ease

Survey dashboard
helloFriday’s survey feature allows leaders to gain valuable feedback and insights to help influence strategic decisions, increase engagement and improve performance. Collect responses at a team, division or company level and choose from a range of prebuilt and customisable survey templates to ensure they meet your business needs.


Bring your organisation together

Events feature
With helloFriday, it’s never been easier to host digital and in-person events; our dedicated module allows you to run webinars, hold virtual tours and ensure interaction and participation is easy from any location. Store relevant resources in the customisable events page, which can be shared on the social feed to encourage and track attendance.
Events feature

Perks & Benefits

Let your employees reap the benefits

The helloFriday Benefits Hub goes beyond deals and discounts, allowing you to add your own personalised perks and benefits for hour staff to take advantage of. Whether you offer health insurance, mental wellbeing support or a ride to work scheme, you can create a fully customised benefits package, tailored specifically to your employees needs. Benefits can be allocated on a global or individual basis, allowing you to tailor your perks based on your requirements.