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Performance Management

Create high-performing teams

Optimise your teams with helloFriday’s streamlined performance management module.
Performance management feature
Performance review meeting summary


Give meaning to your meetings

Performance review meeting summary
Customisable one-to-one templates allow managers to personalise meetings for each employee, resulting in fluid and flexible conversations tailored to their needs. This approach ensures more meaningful feedback and support, contributing to individual growth and success within the organisation.

Performance Reviews

Take control of your review cycles

Performance review templates

Revolutionise your performance reviews with automated templates that are easy to create, duplicate, and customise upon setup. Select multiple reviewers, request 360 feedback, and receive progress updates and reminders at any point in the performance cycle.

Performance review templates


Align your goals

Empower growth through clear, achievable objectives. Track progress towards individual, team, or company-wide goals throughout your one-to-ones and performance review cycles.

Performance Summary

Employee performance at a glance

Employee performance summary
Consolidate your performance metrics in one location and stay on top of every individual’s progression. Using preset goals, helloFriday’s performance summaries allow you to follow employee achievements and track development seamlessly.
Employee performance summary