Elevate HR from Administrative to Strategic with helloFriday. The first all-in-one people platform built to influence your business.
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All-In-One HR System

Explore the innovative features designed to streamline HR processes and drive organisational alignment.​

People management features
HR management simplified

Execute your everyday HR tasks with ease. From simplified task management to process automation, helloFriday streamlines your essential workflows, freeing up your time to concentrate on the real core of your business – the people.

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Employee performance management features
Create high-performing teams

Optimise your teams with helloFriday’s streamlined performance management module, fostering individual growth and success within the organisation while seamlessly tracking employee development.

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hellofriday social homepage
Connect and captivate

Remove the barriers to effortless employee engagement with helloFriday’s extensive range of communication and engagement features, giving your employees a real social experience.

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Allocation of assets
Take control of your assets

helloFriday’s asset management module allows you to view, organise and allocate your company assets in seconds and keep an eye on which assets have served your business well and may need to be repaired or retired soon.

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Payroll hub dashboard
Manage payroll effectively

Enhance your payroll management and benefits experience with the centralised Payroll Hub of helloFriday, which synchronises with your preferred payroll systems, enabling you to create and manage different payroll schedules and cycles.

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Applicant Tracking System screens
Transform your hiring experience

Simplify and automate your recruitment process with our all-inclusive applicant tracking system and reach a wide pool of qualified candidates. Post jobs anywhere, integrate with job boards and make well-informed hiring decisions.

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Solve your biggest HR challenges with helloFriday
Without helloFriday
  • Misaligned employees

    43% are not aligned with the needs and goals of their organisation

  • Quiet quitting

    60% of employees within most organisations have quietly quit

  • Generational conflicts

    Generational divides in the workplace due to diverging expectations

  • Fractured HR tooling

    Juggling multiple tools leads to disorganised and costly ecosystems

  • Low adoption

    The adoption rate of current HRM platforms is as low as 16%

With helloFriday
  • Aligned employees

    Alignment between employee aspirations and company goals

  • People-first culture

    Resulting in engaged employees and increased talent retention

  • No generational rifts

    Cross-generational collaboration promotes workplace harmony

  • Consolidated Tooling

    All-in-one HR solution helps save time and money

  • High adoption

    Adoption rates exceeding 84% , reflecting a positive ROI

Organisational Alignment Management

helloFriday is the first people platform that bridges the gap between organisational missions and employee aspirations, behaviours and motivations.

Enhancing operational efficiency
Unified and motivated workforce
Improved management and oversight
Integrate in minutes and hit 84% adoption across your workforce within 28 days
Why Choose helloFriday?
People-first culture

Create a thriving workplace with features that keep your employees engaged

Organisational alignment

Bridge the gap between employees and your business and achieve shared goals

All-in-one HR system

Manage all of your HR processes in a unified platform for a more efficient approach

Informed decision-making

Take strategic HR actions with valuable and data-driven insights

Improve employee experience

Employees are properly aligned and closely connected with the organisation

Easy-to-use platform

User-friendly HR system with an intuitive UX that ensures seamless navigation

Implement in minutes

Say goodbye to lengthy installations and set up your HR system in a few clicks

Enterprise security & compliance

Stringent compliance with local, regional, and international data regulations

Seamless integrations to power your HR ecosystem
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Mobile App
helloFriday, from anywhere
hellofriday mobile app
Mobile App
helloFriday, from anywhere

Solving the adoption problem, and designed for a seamless mobile experience, the helloFriday app lets you say goodbye to a fixed desktop setup, and hello to an adaptable on-the-go system. With all the core features of the web-based version, the app allows you and your staff to action any important tasks from wherever you are, and removes the existing barriers to effortless employee engagement.

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